It started snowing around 12 p.m. today here in Northern NJ. Within 20 minutes the sidewalks were covered. That was when we knew this was going to be a nice big snowstorm.

We spent the afternoon making a meal for our pastor’s family as well as another church family. The pastor’s wife has the most severe case of constant arthritis and so she is unable to make even a simple dinner for her family. The church provides a few meals a week and this week the Cooties are supplying a meal. The other family needs meals because the mom did something to her knee and is unable to walk at all, so the church is also supplying them with meals until she can get on her feet again. Denis made a turkey casserole for them both, I made the ever popular cottage potatoes and I also made chocolate cookies. Denis will be taking those to those families tomorrow after our roads are thoroughly plowed.

Church has already been cancelled for tomorrow morning. Since we meet in a movie theater we have to schlep our stuff in each and every Sunday morning from a trailer the church owns. Sound stuff, music gear, toys for the nurseries, and tons of other equipment necessary to have a church service on Sundays. So when it snows, our church cancels.

Denis took CootieGirl out earlier when the snow was at about 3 inches. It’s freezing out so we bundled her up tight and she had no desire to come in when Denis tried after being out for 30 minutes or so. At 6 inches Denis went out and used the snowblower I bought him last year as a gift. The thing was magic and within 30 minutes he had the driveway, our sidewalk (and the neighbors) and our side alley completely cleared.

The snow has slowed down a bit now – we’re probably at about 7 inches at this point. But I know it’s supposed to start up again at some point, so we just might have 10 inches by midnight. Why oh why could it not be Sunday NOW so that I wouldn’t have to go to work on Monday???

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  1. We are getting hit with the snow here now in Massachusetts, 24+ inches they are predicting in my area! So jealous of the snowblower right now!!!!

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