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This pic was taken a few hours ago after CG just had dinner. Amazing, dinner is identical to lunch, breakfast and all the snacks in between. Either she has gas or she’s happy about something.

I taped AI2 for Jane (or at least thought I was taking it) while she watched Buffy. Have to watch Buffy. But I wound up taping nothing but snow. So there isn’t going to be any smart-alicky comments from Jaynee tonight. I blame myself. You can have my comments instead. I only got to watch bits and pieces of the show as I was doing everything else. Clay seemed like a winner tonight. Gone are the smurks and the Broadway singing. He still doesn’t do anything for me, but I’m switching my money from Reuben to Clay. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

It’s either see ya to Josh, Trenyce or Kimberly. I say Trenyce is gone. I liked her version of Proud Mary though.

Tomorrow is CG’s first doctor’s appointment. Hopefully, everything checks out. Maybe they can give us something for her terminal cuteness. Not!

I registered our new car with the DMV (Actually they don’t call it the DMV in NJ but Motor Vehicle Services or something lame like that. Yet, everyone calls it the DMV.) Not horrible, but I got there forgetting to take extra money with me or my checkbook. Of course, NJ doesn’t take credit or debit cards. Such an advanced state. They are just moving over to digital photos on their driver’s licenses. Shesh! Turns out the bill was $81.56. I had $82 and about $2 in change on me, minus the 55 cents I spend on a .825 oz. bag of potato chips. Can you believe they sell a bag of chips lighter than an ounce? And have the nerve to charge 55 cents for it.

Anyway, we are now the proud owners of a 95 Green Ford Explorer. Whoo Hoo!!! I had to try twice before I could get it to start. Don’t worry, I’m sure it was just me. I’m used to our Corolla starting on a wink and a smile. Much like the smile above. Ahhhhhh……

I’m going back to work tomorrow so I want to call it an early night and pray that the baby doesn’t wake us up for hours tonight. Let’s see.

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  1. Despite you not having watched AI2, and it was good ince they each sang two songs, I think that Josh SHOULD be gone this week. He really didn’t do well at all and Trenyce showed markable improvement. I agree that Clay was absolutely awesome yesterday. He sounded great and even did a little “semi-dancing” in “Build Me Up Buttercup”. I definitely thought he was better than Ruben last night.

    Good luck back at work and getting used to having less sleep.

    The smile is cute in the pic…I love the eyes closed…they look all squenched up in joy.

  2. She’s a bundle of joy. Someone told me I should catch up on sleep at work. That’s not going to happen, but everything should be okay. I shut my eyes and got some rest on the ride into work this morning.

    You are right about Clay’s “semi-dancing.” I wouln’t mind getting rid of Josh, Trenyce or Kimberly. And Ruben better pick up his act or he will be the next Justin.

  3. Probably. But America is fickle. Who thought Carmen What’s-her-name would be there until last week?

  4. J&D –

    I was just talking to one of the guys here at the office (PJ). He and his wife have installed a nurse (she has been doing this for years and is in her 50’s i think he said) for their new born baby son, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day for approx. 3 weeks (apparently its a lotta dough for this …. didn’t get specifics on $ amount!) BUT – the baby is on a schedule, eats and sleeps when its supposed to PLUS mom and dad get their full nights sleep without being woken ….. Care for the phone # ?!?!

    How sweet it is !!

  5. what? no MINIVAN for the growing family? 😉 great picture btw. very cute. as for AI2, please put Josh out of his misery!!!!

  6. Oh, there’s a minivan in their future. Dad just enabled them to put that off for a couple more years.

    Honda Odyssey?

  7. Tons of people have babies that are on schedule and eat and sleep when they are supposed and the only expense is sleep which should not come to a surprise to anyone. J & D and CootieGirl will be just fine on their own it’s new to everyone and after a few weeks it will be like clockwork and running smoothly. (I promise!)

  8. So much for Josh being out of here. He didn’t even make the bottom two. Looks like America voted along racial lines. That’s all we need. A country-singing pop idol.

    The baby is crying. I had her a short while ago and she was fine. I passed her off to grandma, who’s been very good with her. I just hope CootieGirl gets her cries out of herself before 11 o’clock.

    CG had dinner at her regular hour but she didn’t eat much. Maybe that’s why she’s cranky.

    Hmmmm…can’t get to Fluid Pudding. I know she’s due to have the baby today, but that’s no excuse to remove the site. I’m sure everything is going well, but I want to hear the good news. Can’t wait.

  9. Mare-bare, you can give us that phone number along with a thousand dollars or two. Otherwise, keep the number or send me back to school to become a banker.

    A Honda Odyssey is in our future. In the meantime, we’ll be driving a big Ford around NJ. I move out to the burbs and within two years I’m a hick. *lol*

    I need to make some prints and do a few other things.

  10. At least I didn’t put the gun rack in the rear window. Or the Confederate flag! Just a straightforward Ford truck.

    Cute picture! I *may* be biased, but she’s a beautiful baby!

  11. I may be a hick, but I have one beautiful daughter — who’s going to grow up to be a Jersey girl. Wow, my life has taken a turn.

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