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Anyone else notice how slow things have been to load on the front page over the past week or so? It’s driving me nuts. I thought it was the Etsy widget, so I removed that. But then it still loaded slowly AND the far right sidebar still looked wrong. So now I’ll remove the bookreading widget. If I still have problems after that I may temporarily switch themes and see if it’s a coding issue with the theme (which I don’t think it would be since I’ve been using it with no problems for the past several months).

But if y’all will be patient – I AM trying to find a resolution.

Update a few minutes later: OH SNAP! I think I lost my book widget! If that’s true I’ll be royally ticked. I dragged it out of the sidebar into the list of widgets and it just disappeared completely. It’s not showing up in the widget list and I can’t get it to come back. If that’s how it works in the new WP 2.5 then that’s a STUPID STUPID change they made.

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  1. Your page only loads slowly for me in IE at work. And it has for months.

    At home using Firefox it loads fine and fast.

  2. Yeah, see I only started using IE a couple weeks ago – I was using Opera before that and it always loaded normally. Well, as much as I love my current theme, I may have to look for a new one if this one causes problems with load time in IE, which is the browser 75% of my visitors use.

  3. That would be great – I have IE at both home and work, and I have to admit that the slow loading time has me visiting much less frequently… prob once every couple of days.

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