Sleepy Baby

We like a sleepy baby. We don’t always have a sleepy baby, but we like it when we can get it. Jaynee and I each got four hours of straight sleep tonight. Not at the same time, but close. We’re taking shifts. I wound up with the 10 p.m. shift, Jaynee took 2 a.m., and I should have the next one very shortly. Jaynee just told me at 7:30. I might have gotten my times wrong. I just quieted her down.

We’re playing Bedtime With the Beatles right now. We have a very limited collection of baby music. It seems to help he sleep. That’s one of the reasons I’m up here right now. I need to order some more music. If I have to listen to “Mother Nature’s Son” ala baby muzac one more time, I won’t get any sleep. Wish me luck, and I’m taking recommendations. And no CD with “The Wheels on the Bus” on it, thank you.

P.S., yes, the famous yellow jumper again. Whoever gave us this one, wins the prize.

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  1. I just love that she sleep just like Jane – with those arms up, Up, UP! So cute.

    Mom gave me the pics – thanks for printing them out, Denis. Treasured muchly. *misty eyed*

  2. You’re welcome for the pics. Glad you got them so quickly.

    I’m thinking of posting all new pics to so that anyone who wants copies can just order them any time they want. I’ll keep you informed if I go that route.

    Still haven’t fed the baby. She cried for 15 seconds then went back to sleep. I want to stretch out the feeding as long as I can go, but I’ll probably feed her after this.

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