Six Years…

Six year ago, right around this time, a cute little baby boy was placed in my arms.  He looked like an old man and when he cried he had this vein that bulged out of his head to the point where I worried he'd have a stroke.  Seriously – that thing was scary.  But nothing ever happened, and as the days became weeks, and the weeks became months, CB became my little love.
I've had a lot of nicknames for CB over the years.  He recently asked that I call him "blue shell"…  I don't know what it means either.  But I dutifully call him Blue Shell, which makes him smile with happiness.  I also call him "buddy" – and apparently I say it so much that when I slip and call CG by that name she corrects me and tells me that's CB's name (side note: when I called CG "babe" a few days ago she laughed like it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard).
The boy loves music and frequently requests to hear his favorite songs in the car.  They include Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," Owl City's "Fireflies" and "The Best Day Ever" by Spongebob Squarepants.  He continues to love videogames like the Lego Wii games and Mario Kart. 
Possibly the thing that endears me the most to him is his reading – he loves books, just like his Mama.  And while he no longer claims he wants to be a librarian when he grows up (as he did last year), he still picks out books to read every night and does it WELL.  He has decided his career will be that of an artist.  He hasn't really expressed a desire to draw/paint/create in that way, but last night that's what he declared.  Does this mean art classes are in his future?  No.  But blank pieces of paper and crayons are at his disposal anytime the muse strikes.
Tempermentally he is definitely a Type A personality, which is surprising since he's the second child.  He's head-strong, determined, and a bear to deal with when he doesn't get his way.  But even with all that, he's an absolute charmer who has no problem flashing the one dimple he has to impress the ladies.  He is all boy and has no problem slamming his bedroom door when he's mad.  He is all boy and has no problem giving me random hugs and telling me he loves me.
To date he has lost only a couple teeth on his own, and may have two pulled next week.  He desperately wants to learn to whistle and wishes he were tall enough to ride more rollercoasters at Carowinds (next year!).  He is sarcastic, can be sullen when crossed, and always wants to do things correctly the first time he tries something new.  But he is also very funny, smart, sweet and has been known to be polite on special occasions, too! 
I love him to death and I can't believe he turned six today.  And whether he's six or sixty, he'll always be my kiddiebye. My buggaboo. My buddy. My sweet boy. My little love. My love muffin. My hug-a-bug. My blue shell.

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  1. So sweet! Be sure to show that to him when he’s 15 and claims he hates you and that you are the worst mom on the planet. 🙂

  2. Awwww, that’s so sweet. Have you read the kids’ book, Love you forever by Robert Munsch? My granddaughter gave it to me years ago – never fails to make me tear up 🙂

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