*sigh* I Hate NJ

So this morning I called to adjust our car insurance to cover the new car and remove the truck. In doing so, our yearly insurance costs went up more than twice our previous amount. Gotta love Jersey. As if we could afford a car payment (not!), now we can’t even afford our car insurance.

My cut in pay at the new job couldn’t come at a worse time. No joke.

Update at 10:45 a.m. – More love from NJ. Apparently Bloomfield property taxes are going up once again – which means that we’ll also have to find another $150-200. I haven’t confirmed if that $150-200 is per QUARTER or per YEAR, but either way it’s a joke.

WHY are we living in NJ? Seriously I love my neighbors, but WHY are we still here?

Update at 3:07 p.m. – That $150-200 QUARTERLY, folks. Just found out.

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  1. That’s horrible about the insurance cost. I guess Ace was right.

    When we go down to the Carolinas in Nov. we will seriously be looking for land that we can buy soon after that, and then we can start building and maybe be out the door by the end of 2006 or early 2007 if you play your cards right.

    Of course, if we take the kids all the way down there with us there is very little chance we are going to find any land to build on and we are going to have to make a second trip. Your call. Show the kids off to your friends for an hour or two or find land to build on.

    It is getting expensive to live here.


  2. I’ll bet that my friend Mary could see about setting up a day of care for us. I’ll also check and see if the timeshare has child care availability for a day.

  3. God’s plan is for you to be here now. When this season of your life in His plan is over, maybe the Carolinas will be in your future.

    As for property taxes…we are looking at revaluation – the first since the 70’s. Gulp.

  4. Our taxes have gone up $2000 a year over the past four years, so why should this year be any different?

  5. It should be different because the Bloomfield Buzz says they are making profits on the recycling program – why can’t THAT go to pay for some of the crap that needs paying?

  6. Jaynee & Denis.

    I live here in NJ too! My taxes have gone up mucho bucks. Plus they just approved a new school budget to add an addition on to the high school. So, you know what that means, a hike in our school tax. I mean, the kids need it and it is for education, but our municipal services stink. Garbage pickup once a week, recycle, every other week, etc. Jason will probably never see that addition, because if I am still living here, he will be going to Catholic School.

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