Sick of Comment Spam

I’m finally sick and tired enough of comment spam to do something about it. God bless Jay Allen for creating MT-Blacklist, which I finally got around to installing. I had been taking the time to individually block IPs as they rolled in, but they are so prevalent now that I don’t have the time.

Denis had installed MT-Blacklist a while back but I never got around to activating it. Silly me. It’s activated now though.

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  1. Ya know, pMachine blogs don’t have that problem. At least I don’t and I don’t remember reading about it at other pM blogs.

    Sometimes it doesn’t pay to use the most popular tool.

  2. While it may be popular, it’s also FREE, which is why I use MT.

    However, MT-Blacklist did a GREAT job this weekend – no spam for the first time in a while! A nice change!

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