Shopping Isn’t So Bad

So yesterday I escaped for a couple hours and went shopping. I don’t do it often, because frankly, it’s annoying. However, I had a productive afternoon so it was worth it.

Went to Target to pick up some new … um…undergarments. I was able to get a semi-corset there for much cheaper than if I went to an actual corset shop, along with that huge bra I’ll need to stuff for Mare-Bear’s bridesmaid dress. I also picked up some new socks since I’ve had to throw away about 6 pairs of socks in the past week due to holes in the toes or heel. Ace kept making fun of me because he’d always manage to see me on the days I had holey socks.

Then I headed over to Costco where I paid a nice $2.49 per gallon to fill up my car. I haven’t paid in that range for over two months, so it was nice to pay under $30 to fill my car.

Then I went to Acme, a local grocery store that was having some decent sales. I’ve upped my intent to lose weight before Mare-Bear and Jen’s weddings, so I used the rain check we had for 10 Weight Watchers meals for $10, and also bought 10 Budget Gourmet meals for $10. I stocked up on good snacks – individually packaged so I don’t snack on more than I should have in any one sitting. I had some great coupons and most of what I bought was on sale, so my pre-coupon price was $117, but by the time all the discounts and coupons went through my bill came down to $72. I saved $45! That rocks!

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  1. WOW, I am surprised I didn’t see you at ACME. :wave: I went there yesteday afternoon as well. More towards the 4PM hour. I did a bit of shopping and went on my Merry Way. I had gone to the Shop Rite near our house, but it was way too crowded and I ended up leaving everything in my basket in the isle. I hate that place. /rant

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