Shave and a Haircut – Two Bits

So I took Stinky to the Petco groomer today for a lion’s cut. Her hair was just too long, too matted, and too flaky. Two hours later, she emerged from her carrycase about half her size and pissed off. She got even more pissed off when I plunked her into the bathtub for a vigorous bath to get rid of all her dandruff. Now she’s nice and clean and lacking lots of hair. It’s glorious. I took a couple pix but I know Denis can do better, so I’ll wait for him to post pictures of her. But it’s worth the wait.

I told her she didn’t intimidate me anymore. And certainly won’t be able to intimidate the other kitties, who are probably laughing at her behind her back. *mua ha ha ha*

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  1. Poor kitty. I didn’t get the chance to take any pics last night but I will take some and post them tonight. It is worth the wait.

  2. Can’t wait to see kitty. Spanks is going in soon for her lion-cut too. The look does grow on you -if not on the kitty.

  3. Don’t worry. We don’t plan on keeping Stinks in this shape. Only needed to do it to get rid of the knots. Now that she is clean, I plan on brushing her regularly to keep the knots out. What’s funny is she never liked having her butt petted before, but yesterday she didn’t mind it at all. I suspect whatever knots and dandruff she had back there was making it might uncomfortable for her. Glad to know she’s happier now. Can’t wait to see Spanky with her lion’s cut again. Very funny.

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