Shaping Up…Or Else

My next doctor appointment is next Wednesday. Since my last doctor appointment I’ve only lost 2 pounds. That’s because I gained back 1.5 over the past two weeks because I got with .5 pounds of my 30-pound goal and started cheating on my calorie intake. I ALWAYS DO THAT!!!

So now I’m two pounds away from my 30-pound goal, and want to lose another 2 pounds on top of that. By next Wednesday. It can be done – I’ve done it before (just before the last weigh-in). I’ve got a couple factors on my side this week.

I also decided to add a little bit of exercise. Today I went outside and walked for 20 minutes. I know that’s not long, but it’s 20 minutes longer than I usually walk during my lunch hour. I hope the weather holds up in Charlotte so I can do that every day this week.

I’ve also sworn of chocolate again – until May 24 (the day we leave for Disney). That’s 12 days. And no more eating after 9:30 p.m. until May 24. I will NOT go to that doctor appointment and show only a 2 pound loss. They’ll be ROYALLY ticked and will absolutely know I spent a couple weeks eating more calories than they want. Also (and this is more for Denis than anyone else) – only salads for dinner the rest of the week for me. At least until Friday.

I got really lazy about counting my calories, and it shows. Obviously I cannot slack off keeping track because when I do I absolutely eat too much. So back to counting the calories of every bite of food that goes in my mouth.

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  1. I suspect some of the weight gain or lack of loss may have something to do with a few bowls of ice cream this past week. LOL You’re on your own when it comes to salads. I haven’t even been making dinner much recently so you can’t even blame me for this. Double LOL

  2. Rest assured that you’ll get in a LOT of walking on vacation! I, for one, am counting on it.

  3. Denis – oh I absolutely know I’m the one to blame. And it was TWO bowls of ice cream in the past week not a FEW.

    Marmie – yes, I’ll be very happy about that since I doubt I’ll be able to count many calories while we’re there. I hope the combination of walking and swimming will enable me to eat freely. 😉

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