Shaggy Haircut

I’m back from my hair appointment and Chick Day. It was a nice way to spend half my Saturday. I hadn’t had my hair cut by the woman I used today and she was FABULOUS – I’ll definitely be using her from now on. She and I got on really well and had a nice flow of conversation the whole time. She was VERY excited when I told her she could do whatever she wanted with my hair. Her eyes positively sparkled with glee.

After an hour she had given me a cute modern shag haircut. The longest layer is to my shoulder and the rest has long layers. With any luck it’ll prove to be simple to take care of and will grow out nicely. My head feels much lighter without the heavy curtain of hair I was carrying around before!

I’m now home, and the handyman is here checking on the garage door opener and the chimney. He has already determined that the garage door opener is stripped and needs to be replaced. Then he and his partner got on the roof to check out the chimney to know what kind of chimney caps to buy. They are now attempting to tighten the springs on the garage door so that it doesn’t slam down the way it does now – he said it’ll also make it easier to raise up. I’m hopeful he has decent rates. So far he is great in a number of ways: 1) he called within 30 minutes of getting the referral to call me, 2) when he called today at 2:40 p.m. he apologized for calling ten minutes late, and 3) he is fixing the garage door as much as possible until he gets the replacement door opener. THAT is a good first impression for a handyman to give.

CootieBoy is fascinated by them – he wants to see everything they are doing (he loved when one of the guys crawled on the roof like Spiderman).

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