Second Mouse

Here is another mouse update. I went down to the basement last night after work and heard something squeaking down there then eventually saw another small mouse. Stinky (and Mini) went chasing after it. They could have gotten it but mostly just watched it, so I don’t think they are that good mousers.

I moved everything aside in one corner of the basement and finally saw a tiny mouse walking around. I had gardening gloves on and was able to scoop him up. He was frightened but I was able to walk him two blocks down to a nice tree. He eventually wiggled away. So cute, but I don’t want them in my house. I’m going to buy some glue traps and set them up down the basement tonight. Just hope the cats don’t get stuck on them. That would not be fun.

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  1. Only two blocks? That’s not enough! I told you that mice can return to their “homes” if they are within 1/4 mile! I told you to go down past the school…I should have been more clear.

    You know what’s weird? This morning driving down the block I could SWEAR I saw a mouse cross the street – a larger one than our two. I wonder if that field down the street is causing the problem and if we aren’t the only ones on our block with critters to contend with…

  2. And no glue traps, m’dear – they are inhumane. I’ll find some no-kill, no-pain traps that we can use to release the mice over in Brookdale Park or someplace like that.

  3. They are rodents. They spread disease. Kill the buggers and don’t spare them so they can go pester someone else.

  4. First of all, yes, you need to put them a 1/4 mile away if there are no other houses around. If you are in the middle of a forest, they might find their way back to you and their only food source. If you have dozens of other houses and food sources around, they will find a home some place closer.

    Secondly, if you want to buy traps to contain any mice that might be there, be my guest. I just want them out of our house.

    Finally, people keep mice as pets so they can’t be all bad. I know these aren’t pet mice, but disease carrying mice, that’s why I want them out and am putting down traps. I don’t have the heart to kill a tiny mouse. Sorry. Either way, I think we are clear on everything.

  5. CM – to be fair, our cats didn’t kill either mouse – simply chased and carried them around. But both mice were puncture-free and alive when we removed them from our house. Now if COOPER had discovered the mice, they’d be dead – he killed a baby rabbit or two in our backyard this past summer.

    Marmie – if I release them in Brookdale chances are slim they’d find a house to pester – they are tiny, and Brookdale is large.

    The mice are too cute to kill…and you know how devastated I was when Cooper killed the rabbititos…

  6. I agree, but I’m not driving the mice over to Brookdale. Let them get an education at the elementary school like everyone else.

  7. But the one yesterday was so darn cute! We should get mice for pets. Put them in those small plastic balls and they can roll all around the house and torture the kitties and Cooper.

  8. Denis – that would never work. Stinky would never get a moment’s rest because she’ll spend all her time looking longingly into the mouse habitat. And we can’t put it up on a shelf because then Stinky will spend all her time trying to get up on the shelves so she can get to the mouse.

  9. hi
    do you have any ideas on how to catch a mouse without killing it but theres one catch it’s got to be for free!
    e-mail me please I need some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from lee

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