Second Day, Same As The First

This morning I took CootieGirl to school because I had a couple questions for the teacher. I told CG as we got out of the car that tomorrow Daddy would just be dropping her off and explained how she needed to find her classroom on her own. So I let her lead the way and she did a great job. After talking with her teachers for a minute I gave her a kiss and went on my way.

Amy was there with Emma who was upset again at the thought of being left by her mom. Amy looked a bit teary-eyed as well.

I found out last night that one of the girls in her class is from daycare. Not only that, but they have the same backpack! This morning as we walked up to the class, the girl’s mom looked at CG and said, “You look familiar!” It was then that I told her our kids were at the same after-school care. I’m glad that CG knows a couple girls in the class already.

When asking CG about her first day she gave a good report saying that she enjoyed it, especially liking storytime. I didn’t get too many other details other than her liking storytime and the lunchroom. But either way she once again bounded out of bed and got dressed for school with nary a complaint.

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