Scratch-Off Winner

Denis went out to buy MegaMillions tickets for tonight’s drawing. He also turned in a couple scratch-offs and picked up two more. One was Bingo and the other was Poker. I started on the poker card by scratching off all five of MY hands – I had a pair of queens, a pair of jacks, a pair of threes along with two others (suited 8H/9H and JS/KD. I then scratched off all of the community cards. My pair of queens hooked up with a another pair of queens. My pair of threes became a set. My jacks remained just jacks.

So then I scratched off the “other players’ hands” and it looked as though my queens, my set of 3s and my 8/9 both won their hands. Denis inspected the card and said, “Yep, they look like winners.” It was hard to read the card because of the security squiggles all over the playing area. So I scratched off the prize for my four of a kind and the prize said, “$100,000”. I looked at Denis and said, “We didn’t win that – I know we didn’t. Check that one again.” Sure enough, we missed the fact that the other player had a royal flush – literally the ONLY hand that could be four of a kind.

In the end we won $10 total on the set of 3s and suited 8/9 that became a straight. But so disappointing that we didn’t win $100K – that would have come in HANDY. :thud:

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