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I got home from work intending to take CootieGirl out to do some back-to-school shopping (or is it first-time-to-school shopping?). However, she went into whiny meltdown mode about something and I sent her to her room for a five minute timeout. It got VERY quiet up there a couple minutes later, so I sent CootieBoy up to investigate.

He came back downstairs. “She’s not there,” he said as he headed back into the TV room.

“NOT THERE?” I asked. “Are you sure?”

I hollered up the stairs and got no response. Hmm…. I went up to her room only to find her passed out asleep under her blanket. CB obviously didn’t see her because she had covered herself from head to toe. So I closed her blinds, turned on her nightlight, and closed the door.

I opted to take CB with me to do CG’s school shopping. We headed over to Wal-Mart because one of my frugal living blogs had mentioned several good deals. Well, I don’t know what Wal-Mart SHE’S going to, but out of the five deals I had hoped to do, only one was actually available at my store. So I got another bottle of shampoo. Wal-Mart paid me 3 cents to take it off their hands. Nice.

I also got 99% of CG’s school supplies. The only thing I couldn’t find were fat pencils. There were NONE in the store – and not even any sign of there EVER being fat pencils at Wal-Mart. So I’ll have to find an Office Depot or something like that.

Since CG wasn’t with me, I had to decide on my own what kind of folders and backpack she’d want. I went with pink for the folders, and then selected a very basic (read: cheap) pink backpack with some sort of anime kitten on it. It was $7 and considering how CG has yet to show me she can take care of anything worth more than a couple bucks, I’m fine with her destroying that backpack all she wants. I’ll just duct tape it back together when it breaks.

While we were there I picked up some new sandals for CB since his are falling apart. I also bought myself a cheap (read: $8) blowdryer since mine died a few weeks ago.

Once funny moment came when CB overhead a dad calling out for his daughter. “Elyse!” he called. “Elyse!” CB echoed. “Mama, who’s Elyse?” The dad overhead him and answered, “That’s my daughter.”

A few seconds later Elyse came around the corner to consult with her dad about whatever school supply she was considering. “Hi, Elyse!” CB said to her with a cheeky grin.

“Uh…hi,” she said, confused as to how this little boy knew her name.

So as we all continued to peruse the school supply aisle, whenever CB saw her he’d say “Elyse!” Literally a dozen times he called out to her. Finally she “officially” introduced herself and asked him his name. He told her, as well as telling her he was having a birthday in a few weeks (he and I had just been talking about it so it was fresh on his mind). She shook his hand and wished him an early happy birthday before saying goodbye and leaving before it got any more weird than it already was.

When we got home around 9 p.m. CB wanted to play the Wii but I told him that it was time for bed. He was fine with that, and passed out no less than 2-3 minutes after he put his head on the pillow.

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