Today was a weird day. A very long day.

I’m tired and it’s not even 8 p.m.

The kids are about to go to bed, at which point I’ll catch up on TV for a couple hours.

I just asked Denis what we’re going to do with the kids this long weekend (Monday’s a holiday, as you know). We have no ideas. But whatever we do needs to be cheap, local and fun. Hmmmm…

My new website is coming along nicely. I hope to get a lot of work done on it this weekend, in addition to more work on the freelance project that is due March 1. As for the freelance project I wrote about earlier today, I don’t know if I want it now. It would be VERY time-consuming and, to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll have the time until after my current freelance job is done. So if they come back with a “yes” to my bid, I will have to seriously think about whether I can do it or not. I’ve already told them I’d need to adjust my bid to add about 10-15 work hours to the projected length of time because based on the test I took today, I seriously underbid how long it would take.

I feel like baking tonight. No idea what, though. I know I’m in the mood for tapioca pudding, but don’t have enough milk. So the obvious alternative is chocolate of some sort. In the past three weeks I’ve made brownies, chocolate cake, rice krispie treats, chocolate pudding and cookies. I need to mix it up – give me ideas, please!

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  1. I like to make pudding (vanilla) with 1/2 the milk, then add some whipped cream, after it sets up, and dip some angel food cake in it, also works with chocolate pudding, it’s yummie

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