Save Money By Recovering Kitchen Chairs At Home!

Upon moving to SC several years ago we bought a nice kitchen table set for our eat-in kitchen. However, having young kids, the nice kitchen set quickly turned into disastrous kitchen set because the seats got royally messed up (I blame myself for not getting plain wooden chairs WITHOUT covered seats).

A couple years ago I attempted to recover the chair seats, but ended up not having enough fabric – only four of six chairs got recovered. The two that remained uncovered became the kids’ chairs and got even more stained in the past two years (see right).

There is a closeup of the chair. Isn’t that ridiculous? That’s not even the worst one – I was too ashamed to take a picture of Cootieboy’s chair.

Now that we’re gearing up for the annual White Elephant party (which is today – yay!) we knew we did NOT want people to use the chairs as they were. I hopped online a few weeks ago and ordered some fabric that was on sale for about $5/yard with free shipping. When it came in I was thrilled to find that it was a perfect match to the color scheme I had going in the kitchen and adjoining TV room! We held off recovering the chairs until the last possible moment before the party, and so yesterday during my day off I set about recovering the chairs.

It took a while, but I think they turned out great. Not only that, but I had enough fabric leftover that I used the same fabric on our kitchen island benches which have been equally destroyed by the kids over the past couple years. So now not only does our kitchen table set look much nicer, but our benches (which are the first thing you see as you enter the kitchen) don’t look like such a mess!

Last night while Cootieboy was eating dinner I cringed at the idea of him spilling something on my newly covered chairs, but we made it through his dinner without incident. All total, I spent $35 on fabric and got six reupholstered chairs and three covered benches. AND I still have fabric left over that I may see about using elsewhere.

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  1. Where did you order your fabric from? It’s really nice and that is a great price … and no shipping to boot. I like that!

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