Rumsfeld Tells It Like It Is

According to an article in USA Today:

The United States has no yardstick for measuring progress in the war on terrorism, has not “yet made truly bold moves” in fighting al-Qaeda and other terror groups, and is in for a “long, hard slog” in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a memo that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sent to top-ranking Defense officials last week. Despite upbeat statements by the Bush administration, the memo to Rumsfeld’s top staff reveals significant doubts about progress in the struggle against terrorists. Rumsfeld says that “it is not possible” to transform the Pentagon quickly enough to effectively fight the anti-terror war and that a “new institution” might be necessary to do that.

Now that’s presidential. Anyone else tired of the political spin (lies) of Bush?

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  1. It’s not spin or lies.

    A good leader will ask these types of questions. I doesn’t show that we’re losing necessarily, just that he’s aware that we could be doing things better and that they need to think outside the box.

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