Rough Morning

This morning was a weird morning. Denis left for work early, so I was left to get the kid ready. They were GREAT up until the time we had to leave – then they started arguing about who would open the front door and who would unlock it. We went from running early to running on time with that little discussion. We got in the car and traffic was pretty light, but when we got to daycare I realized I forgot to pull the kids’ blankets and pillows from the dryer. AND I found out that CootieBoy’s class is having pajama day today (apparently a schedule for the week went out on Friday but I didn’t see it). So CootieBoy was happy go lucky until it came time for me to leave, and then he became clingy. I eventually untangled myself and dropped CootieGirl in her class.

I got home at 8:10 a.m. and hopped online to get my mother’s request for a graphic file for a magnet she wants to get. But it took me 10 minutes to even FIND where all the files were at which point I didn’t have time to get a draft mocked up. I went up and got ready for work, and left early so that I could take the blankets over to daycare. Despite leaving early and taking only 60 seconds to drop off the blankets, I ended up being 15 minutes LATE by the time I got on the road for work. How does that happen?

And even stranger – it normally takes me 20 minutes to get to my office in light traffic. This morning it took me 10. I pulled into the parking lot only 2 minutes late.


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  1. When you dropped off the kids’ blankets at school, did you remember to bring a pair of PJs for the boy?

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