Root Canal Tuesday

I had to hit up the dentist today for a root canal. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds though, because my dentist rocks. He came highly recommended by my co-admin back in December when my temporary filling fell out of a tooth that had had a root canal in 2008. I went in, fearing the worst ($$$ for a crown that I didn’t want) and instead I got a new PERMANENT filling in that tooth and it has been perfect ever since.

I went in for my routine cleaning a couple weeks ago and was told that a tooth that they noticed at that December appointment might actually need a root canal instead of a filling. So I made the appointment for today. It went really well, and as of right now the numbing meds are wearing off and I don’t feel any pain. In fact, he used the same kind of tooth filler that he used last time – it becomes rock hard in seconds at the office and you can eat immediately after having the procedure.

Which one can’t do, however, due to the slobbering and drooling from the anesthetic shots one is given. *lol*

So that’s three root canals in three years – let’s hope we don’t go for a record fourth in 2011!

As for the rest of the day, we are having an A/C guy come today to service check our A/C units, and then I’m taking Freaky Freddy the cat to the vet for a checkup – he’s lost a lot of weight lately, and is shedding hair like a mad fool. So we’re going to find out what’s up with him and determine our next steps.

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