Root Canal Accomplished

Well, the root canal is done. It went well – the endodontist was great and pretty much dug right in (so to speak) once he saw the copy of the x-ray that I brought with me. Since the dentist hadn’t really pinpointed which tooth neede the work, the end. did the cold test on me again – this time he used actual ice that he held up to my teeth. When he hit the one that needed the work it was like having a straight pin jammed into my gums. It brought tears to my eyes it hurt so bad.

An hour later I walked out of there with half my face completely numb (he shot so much anesthetic into my mouth that even my EYE was numb) and my tooth fixed. I have to go back next Wednesday morning for the permanent crown to be put in place. Fortunately, I was already planning on taking that day off for CootieBoy’s doctor appointment, so it’s perfect timing.

I debated going into work for a couple hours after I left the doctor’s office but opted to come home. I have a couple prescriptions and need to call my medical study folks to find out if I can take the medications the endodontist recommended. So far my face is still numb so I don’t need the painkiller, but the endodontist said I almost definitely would need the anti-inflammatory.

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  1. You might want to edit that last paragraph. Seems to be jumbled up somewhat. (Or is it just me being dyslexic?)

  2. Just beware that you cannot take an anti-inflammatory with any other aspirin or Ibuprofen drugs. If what he prescribed IS Ibuprofen, then you are fine.

  3. Dad – was it my abbreviation of “endodontist” that threw you off? I’ve edited and spelled it out.

    Marmie – I called my medical study folks. Turns out I can’t take the painkiller OR the anti-inflammatory. She said the most I can take is a Tylenol or two tonight.

    I’m fortunate that other than some slight soreness I’m okay and not feeling any pain. The anesthetic took a LONG time to wear off (I only just started feeling my eyeball about an hour ago).

  4. No, when I first read it, there were lots of words out of place, all jumbled up. I left and came back just in case the browser went wonky, but the jumble stayed. Now it reads much better.

  5. My husband and I recently went to the dentist and the had to split our cleanings into two separate visits because she said our gums couldn’t handle it all in one! We went while in the Peace Corps and then used a voucher they gave us upon returning home. Only one dentist in a seedy part of Cincinnati even took the voucher and it was the worst cleaning ever. She said it was like we hadn’t been in four years. Luckily we each just had cavities and no root canal was needed. I can’t imagine! I thought it was bad when my nose was numb but up to the eye! Hope you don’t end up needing those painkillers.

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