Robb Needs to Go

Okay, last night during Survivor: Thailand, I just wanted to strangle Robb over a dozen times. He called everyone “dude” (I hate that) and was such an obvious himbo that I hoped his team would lose just so they’d kick him off. It wasn’t to be. The old school team (as we’re calling it in the Cootie household) lost the challenge and ended up voting off one of their members. But I pray pray pray that next week it’ll be the youngsters losing so that they kick off that guy. I mean, c’mon – he spells his name with TWO Bs. Who does that? Do you know any Robs that do that? Cuz I don’t.

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  1. Shocker, but I watched it last night. See my blog for my 2 cents…

    I think he’s actually Robby? I thought I remembered seeing that. Maybe I’m thinking of something else.

    Definitely a himbo. Annoying…

  2. He is annoying and needs to go home. Maybe I should get my Rob to add a b maybe it’s the cool thing to do and then I will get him a hat to pull down over his eyes!!!

  3. And he’s crazy to think that just because his tribe is the “beautiful” and younger tribe that they will win everytime. My prediction is that one of the older, not as beautiful people will win the whole thing.

    I mean, look at the previous winners – they were all over 35, right?

  4. I only saw a few bits and pieces of Survivor last night (baby girl got home RIGHT as the show was starting), but from what I saw, he is Mr. Annoying — way too sure of his own attractiveness. And who brings a SKATEBOARD as their luxury item? Where in the world will he use it? I somehow doubt anything is paved.

    Since he’s from Scottsdale I’ll get the joy of seeing him over and over on the local news as well — our affiliates grab hold of any local connections to news/entertainment they can find and beat us over the head with them. ::sigh::

    Someone vote him out soon. Please.

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