RIP: George Carlin

I liked George Carlin. One of my favorite routines of his is from an early appearance on the Johnny Carson Show. It was so early that I didn’t actually SEE the routine, but I heard it, on a double-album of Johnny Carson’s best moments.

A few weeks ago I happened to convert my favorite parts of that double album into MP3s to put on my MP3 player. Sure enough, George Carlin was the first track I converted. I LOVED that comedy routine.

He was a very funny man who let nothing get in the way of a joke. NOTHING was off-limits to him. And yet I don’t think he did his comedy for shock treatment (hello, Sam Kinnison and Andrew Dice Clay). I think he did it because he genuinely loved the absurdity of life and loved coming up with intelligent ways to make fun of the minutae of life (see his famous “Stuff” routine).

RIP, George Carlin. Or should I call you “Rufus?”

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  1. He was my most favorite comedian of all times. I was forbidden to watch him as a kid and used to listen by the door when my mother was watching his HBO specials. LOL
    He had 1000 routines and I am happy to say he recorded one last HBO special in March that has yet to air. RIP George!

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