RIP, Estelle Getty

I just read the news that Estelle Getty, of “Golden Girls” fame, passed away early this morning.

I was never a big fan of “Golden Girls,” but I know plenty of people (read: gay men) who adored that show, and loved Estelle Getty’s character in particular.

As for our celebrity dead pool, NJSue is the winner of this round. NJSue – if you have an account, email cootiehog @ gmail . com with the email address associated with that account and I’ll send you the $10 Amazon gift card that you won by having the correct pick!

Round Three will begin tomorrow wherein anyone who wants to can enter to win a $10 gift certificate.

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  1. Its terrible isn’t Amy? The minute you tell someone you love the Golden Girls, they label you a Gay Man. I guess I will never understand the world today.

    **goes see what my boyfriend is up too.

  2. Whipping out another fake stat, I’d have to say that 80% of all “Golden Girls” fans are gay men. Everyone knows that. Sure, there may be 20% who aren’t gay men that are fans – but MOST fans are gay men. And those men LOVE Estelle Getty.

  3. 80%? That is a bit too high.

    Lets break it down. 10 people in a room that like the show Golden Girls… 8 of those people would have to be gay. My family alone would contradict those numbers… we used to watch is as a family.. a family of 5. Of that 5 only 1 became gay… thats about 20%. No Fuzzy Math here.

    However, you are correct on one count… Of that 20%.. Yes, they/I LOVE ESTELLE GETTY

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