Review: MythBusters – Behind the Myths

Last night CootieGirl and I went out for a night on the town to see the guys from MythBusters do a live show. It was A great night for us girls.

First up we went out to dinner. I’m a big fan of a Chinese restaurant in Charlotte called Soho Bistro. It’s an upscale Chinese place – cloth napkins and tablecloths, mood lighting, soft music. And the food is fantastic. Last night I had tangerine chicken while she had sesame shrimp – both dishes were divine. During dinner we had a great conversation and just enjoyed hanging out together.

We arrived at Belk Theater just prior to curtain time. CG has always wanted to sit in those box balcony seats that most theaters have, and so for this show that’s what I got. We were in the box closest to the stage. Awesome view even if the left side of the stage was a bit obstructed (the only negative to that was that we couldn’t see the entire screen at the back of the stage).

20141124_214900Just prior to intermission Adam and Jamie brought out t-shirts to throw into the audience. Adam turned to our balcony and beaned one directly to my outstretched hands – it was going to be an awesome memento to give CG when I caught it.

But then the jerk sitting next to me reached out his hand and promptly tapped it away – it was literally INCHES from being in my hands. It proceeded to fall to the seats below (the ENTIRE theater groaned when it happened because there was a spotlight on us). It was just like all those videos you see at baseball games where men rip balls out of young kids’ hands and wave like it’s the greatest thing ever. Having missed out on the shirt, I turned to CG, who was more than a bit sad, and apologized for not being able to catch it (even though even she knew it was the guy’s fault). The jerk who made me miss the catch realized that I was trying to get the shirt for HER, and he eventually apologized to me. My response must have been less than appreciative because post-intermission I heard him ask his older girlfriend/mom (I couldn’t tell WHAT their relationship was) if she wanted to sit next to me. She said no, so he was forced to sit next to me. *lol*

The 2-1/2 hour show was full of great stories, fun experiments, an audience Q&A as well as lots of audience participation in some of the stunts they did on stage. Adam is a natural entertainer and even Jamie opened up and was very much at ease when telling stories about how the TV show came about.

Once the show was over we were walking out and I could tell that CG really wanted a shirt, so I ponied up the dough and let her buy a shirt.

All in all, it was a very fun night with my very awesome daughter. She is becoming a pretty great young lady. Sure she may have her moments where I imagine her head is about to spin all the way around, but for the past several days, and last night, she has been amazing to hang out with. I’m enjoying every moment I can, hoping this is the normal as she enters her teen years.

The MythBusters tour only goes through December 18, so check to see if it’s coming to your town and consider getting tickets if you can. The Charlotte show was sold out – maybe there are still tickets in your town (

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