Returning Home

Tomorrow morning we leave bright and early for home. It’s been an exhausting “vacation”. I already called Vera, our new daycare person, to tell her that CootieBoy and CootieGirl would be making appearances on this Thursdsay and Friday instead of waiting for Monday.

Denis and I did manage to see a couple of movies with my sister – we saw “Finding Neverland” which was excellent, and “Lemony Snicket” which was also good but not as good as “Neverland”.

Tonight we forced my dad to watch “Elf” again – he saw it back at T’giving and is not one to watch movies more than once. But he agreed to it and so Denis and I got to enjoy it (we haven’t seen it since it was out in theaters last year). As I did the first time, I laughed the whole way throughout. It’s quite possibly Will Farrell’s best movie – he’s so perfect in it.

Today I saw my pal DC from high school – she brought her two girls over (one in 7th grade the other in 4th or 5th). I was astounded by how tall her older daughter was. DC looked fabulous too, and it was nice to catch up over the course of the hour that we visited. She and KJ are the only two from my high school years that I still talk to, and even then it’s only a couple times a year. *sigh* I need to be better about that.

Denis is serenading CootieBoy right now – hopefully he’ll go to sleep soon as we want at least ONE good night’s sleep on this vacation! We packed up the car already (I was right that we’d run out of room – we still have to put two suitcases and some miscellaneous small bags and we already have no space. Poor Cooper will be riding home on CootieBoy’s changing pad as it lays on top of my suitcase at CootieGirl’s feet.

Well, I’m signing off for the night – talk to you later!

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  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your vacation. I too saw Elf recently on DVD after having seen it at the theater last year. I agree, even knowing what happens, it is beyond funny and heartwarming still. Definitely next to A Christmas Story as must-see holiday viewing.

    Oh, and be sure to carve a nice chunk out of your schedule for LOTR:ROTK EE. It is epic and draining. Still tired after having watched it yesterday…

    Happy New Year!

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