Rethinking “Twilight”

I can’t believe I’m about to say this. Especially given my original thoughts on the subject. But.

I think I want to see the movie “Twilight” again. I know, right?

Some thoughts:

1) “Breaking Dawn” was SUCH a bitter disappointment it cannot be believed. If they make THAT book into a movie it’ll tank at the box office. I guarantee it. And if it doesn’t then the moviegoing public is stupid.
2) The “Twilight” movie was such a letdown from the original book. And the book was pretty decent. My only real complaint for the book was the repetitiveness. But the overall plot was good and generally enjoyable. The movie was merely okay but had a lot of amateurish bits in it that, had they been fixed, would have improved the movie greatly.

So for those two things alone, I should have NO desire to see that movie again unless it’s airing on TBS next summer (commercial free for the first 30 minutes!). But. I read “Midnight Sun” last week. This is basically “Twilight” told from Edward’s point of view. It’s only available as a PDF online at Stephanie Meyer’s website, and truth be told it made me love the series again (after “Breaking Dawn” ruined it for me). And it wasn’t even the complete story – “MS” ends before Garrett and James even come into the story. Can you “Twilight” movie fans tell me if Robert Pattinson used “MS” as the basis for some of his acting choices (some of which were completely off base, but I blame the director for that)? Because if he DID, I’d be curious to see the movie again from HIS point of view rather than Bella’s. Because Edward is a much more interesting character than Bella when it comes to “Twilight.”

So yeah, you may catch me in the theater again sometime soon to see it again. Not because I liked it, but to analyze it a bit more. I know – it’s stupid. Shut up.

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  1. Yes, Rob read Midnight Sun. But from I gather on the (many) interviews I’ve watched, he’d already figured out who Edward was and reading Midnight Sun felt more like a confirmation than discovery. BUT he does say he and Stephenie disagreed a bit on who he was. He thought he was much less happy than he was while Stephenie believes Edward did like many parts of his existence. Stephenie says while they seemed to disagree some, he ended up acting it out how she wanted anyway.
    But yes! Midnight Sun is awesome and I really hope she continues with his story.
    ..and I think you meant Laurent not Garrett.
    And I don’t think Breaking Dawn was that horrible. Yes, it’d be weird in a movie but I enjoyed the book.

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