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Well, I’ve spent the past three days searching everywhere for Costa Rican Vanilla. I found NO sign of it anywhere other than a Costa Rican resort that is on a vanilla plantation. I currently have an email in to this remote camping ground to see if they sell to the public, but what are the odds I can get a Central American resort in the middle of NOWHERE (they have no phones and only check email once a week – don’t ask me how they have the internet when they don’t even have phones) to actually send me some? I say “slim to none”.

So I ordered some Mexican Vanilla, specifically a brand called La Vencedora, which is supposed to be way better than that poncy vanilla from Nielsen-Massey.

And don’t worry Denis, I didn’t use my Visa for this one.

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  1. Forget the Central American vanilla. The best in the world is from Madagascar…I know you’ll cringe when you read this, but I think Martha Stewart catalog sells it. You can check her website too…she at least knows of a vendor in the NY/NJ area who sells it.

  2. Jen, thanks for trying but that’s not the kind I want. I know all about Madagascar vanilla (I have a qt bottle of it at home). I specifically asked the waiter at Petunia’s and he said Costa Rican Vanilla – I’m hoping the Mexican is the same thing. Either way, from what I’ve read, the La Vencedora vanilla is a stronger, sweeter vanilla so I’m on the right track.

  3. Just because you didn’t use your Visa for this doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost us anything. Maybe I have to explain this to you again. Every time you buy something you have to pay for it. Whether it’s now or later. If you charge it, you can pay for it later. If you don’t charge it, you have to pay for it now and you have less money later to pay for the things you’ve charged. Now do you get it?

  4. Oh I get it, Mr. Man. But since I got paid yesterday I’m a little flush with cash right now and didn’t mind paying up front for the mexican vanilla. Don’t worry – the mortgage will still get paid.

  5. You may be a little flush with cash right now and we might be able to pay our mortgage, but just wait until the end of the month. We might not have any money to buy groceries, but we should have enough vanilla to eat French toast at least.

  6. I just read this about vanilla here:

    “In the market, there are four types of natural vanilla labeled by geographical origin – “Bourbon” (named for the “Bourbon” islands, not for the liquor), “Mexican,” “Indonesian,” and “Tahitian.” There are slight taste variations among these. Most notably, Mexican vanilla has a spicy taste. Tahitian vanilla has less vanilla flavor, is sweeter and fruitier, but is rarer and more expensive.”

    Hope you like the vanilla you ordered.

  7. If you can find a place either in the states or just over the border that sells ‘La Vencedora’ for less than Mexico Jim…PLEASE let me know!

  8. I sell La Vencedora Mexican Vanilla Extract for $5.50 per bottle. Contact me if you wish to purchase more than one bottle, the more you buy the more you save.

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