Renuzit Tri Scent Contest (and Coupon!)

I think I may have posted about this a few months ago, but Renuzit is having a contest to give some lucky person a $20K home makeover. The “host” (for lack of a better word) of the contest is Tanya Memme, the chick on that “Sell This House!” show on TV. The contest has now moved into the voting stage, and anyone who wants to can visit the semi-finalist gallery and vote for the video they like the best. Person with the most votes wins – pretty easy. The voting period goes through June 7, and there are definitely a few I’ll be voting for because their videos are really original and funny.

You do have to register to get into the semi-finalist gallery but I didn’t mind because I used my Yahoo email address which is where I get all my coupon emails. And you know me and the coupons. In fact, you can get a coupon to try the new Renuzit Tri Scents electric scented air freshener. They have a $3 coupon at the website that you don’t have to register to print out (although you do have to have the coupons toolbar loaded on your computer – if you don’t have it, GET IT – it’s what most companies use to allow you to print out coupons online).

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