Rental Car Blues

First of all, I need to tell you to NEVER rent a car from Enterprise Rental. Only get it from National Car Rental. They are the only ones who know what they are doing.

We got our car back last night. It looks great but the bill came to $3500 for parts and labor. Good thing we only had to pay the $250 deductible!! So I called Enterprise this morning to tell them that I’m returning the car tomorrow morning and they informed me that I would be paying for 12 days of collision insurance.

I don’t think so.

I only got the collision insurance because my friend Gladys was going to use the car while housesitting for us when we were on vacation. I called on Monday morning and asked that she be taken off, understanding that the collision would also be removed since it was made clear at the time of rental that I was only getting collision insurance to cover the second driver for four days. When I picked up the car no one told me that the car had to be inspected by an Enterprise employee before they would remove the collision insurance. Otherwise I would have taken in the car to be inspected!

I said to the manager on the phone , “When I rented the car I was told that I HAD to get the collision FOR this second driver. Why would I pay for collision insurance on just me when my insurance company pays for it?” He said, “Okay, well we have you down for 12 days of collision, why don’t we split the difference?” I laughed and said, “No, I’m not paying for days I didn’t want the collision for. I’ll pay for four days.” He fought with me for another 5 minutes and finally said yes.

I can understand their reasoning: if the car was damaged YESTERDAY I could claim that it was damaged by her under the collision insurance. But I said, “The car is in my driveway right now, clean as a whistle with no damage. That’s my word to you. I’m not paying for collision I didn’t need or want. If I get in an accident on my way to your shop tomorrow, I’ll pay the deductible.”

That’s what made him finally agree to four days, I think. *lol* So I had better not get into an accident on the way to the rental office tomorrow morning.

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  2. Really? Enterprise totally saved my butt last summer when it flooded in Houston. Thanks to their arrangement with Farmers Insurance, I was able to have a car held for me to pick up – and the lines to get a car were long and they were turning people away left & right. That’s what happens when we get 20 inches of rain in 12 hours! It took over 4 weeks for my flooded car to be repaired!

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