Reminder: Free Ipods!

Just a reminder that I’m trying to get a free iPod, people. Kymberlie got hers last week. So did Christine. So hopefully now it’ll be my turn soon.

So click here and sign up for an offer – they offer things from places like Columbia House, The Literary Guild and even a coffee club of sorts. I’ve been told that once you’ve signed up for something, you can cancel it about three days later and I’ll still get credit. Or you can keep the membership of whatever club you join.

I’ve been told there’s a chance you’ll get spammed with your email account, but if you use a hotmail or yahoo account that you don’t care about, it’s no big deal because they have spam filters anyway. I have not noticed an increase in spam in the 13 days since I signed up.

Help a poor girl out! Follow my link, sign up for you own iPod, and help me in the process!

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