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Today I’ve decided to participate in Reel Moms, a program that Loew’s Theaters started to encourage Moms and Dads to go to the movies even though they have newborns and infants. Every Tuesday, the theater picks a recent release and allows parents in with their potentially fussy child, knowing that the theater will only have other parents with potentially fussy children. The movie is shown before the theater opens for regular business, just to ensure that it’s only parents with infants that attend. The reason for it is so that you can’t complain about the noisiness in the theater – it’s just a given.

So I found out that there is a theater in East Hanover, about 30 minutes from us, that participates in the program, and today’s movie is “Sky Captain”, which I do have interest in seeing. So we sent CootieGirl off to daycare, and CootieBoy and I will be leaving here around 10 a.m. to go see “Sky Captain”.

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  1. Let me know what you think of the movie… and the experience as a whole. I have heard about “Reel Mom’s” but haven’t talked to anyone who has tried it out. Not that I have kids, but I still think its a pretty good idea.

  2. Matty & I saw that movie over the weekend – I’m interested to hear what you think of it – For us, it was a toss-up between that and Garden State.

    Matt won the toss-up obviously !

  3. Mare-Bear:

    I think you lost out on the toss up. I havn’t seen “Sky Captain” yet, but Garden State was outstanding. I saw it a few weeks ago and would say its the best Independent Film if not film I have seen all year. Its a “must see” movie.

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