Since Jane has been very lax with reporting on the plethora of reality TV shows on these days, I thought I’d pitch in.

I only saw the last ten minutes of the series “The Bachelorette.” Apparently, This woman found the man she was always looking for — a poetry-writing fireman. I never imagined little girls dream of marrying poetry-writing firemen when they’re young, but apparently they do. The Bachelorette was lucky to find the best of that kind. But poor Charlie.

“Get Me Out of Here, I’m a Celebrity” or whatever it’s called. Didn’t see it. Are the “celebrities” on this show even lower in stature than the “celebrities” on “Celebrity Mole”? If they dip any further into the Celebrity Pool, we’ll all have our mini-reality-series of fame one day.

“The Hottest People in America” or something like that. I only caught the last ten minutes of that show yesterday. Wow, were those people hot! Well, not really. Is this the best the greatest democracy in the free world can do for hotness? Come on, where are the Ashley Judds and George Clooneys? Stand up and be judged by celebrity judges who are so inconsequential they couldn’t even make it on “Celebrity Mole” or “Get Me Out of Here, I’m a Celebrity.”

Finally, the mother of all reality shows “Survivor.” I did catch all of this show last night. What person in America doesn’t want the deaf woman to win the million dollars? If she did, she could hire “attitude adjusters” for all the other female contestants. And what’s up with that black woman? She is not representin’ Christ.

On Cootiehog fire represents life, and it’s time for me to extinguish my cigar. Back to work and reality.

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