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Okay, so I need to comment on a couple reality tv shows from this past week. First off, I didn’t see Big Brother 3 last night because it got pre-empted for preseason football. But I did read the episode summary for it – I’m glad Josh is gone. He was just plain annoying. I’m upset Amy made it back in the house. She was just plain annoying. I wonder what Eric thinks knowing that Lisa didn’t vote to bring him back. As nice as he is, he probably feels that it’s just for the game’s sake and doesn’t hold a grudge.

As for American Idol, in a surprise twist RJ Helton was voted off instead of Nikki McKebbin. She was so much worse than him and he deserved to go another week. I guess all her redneck friends are cashing in their food stamps so that they can call multiple times to keep her around. Next week it’ll be a toss-up between her and Justin. Justin had better have a great performance or else Redneck Nikki will be in the top three despite her abysmal live performances.

Lastly, last night I caught the movie “Rock Star” on HBO, and while it was not a good movie by any means, I’m really taken with the last song in the movie – it’s Colorful by The Verve Pipe. I love the melody and the lyrics are quite nice. It’s my new favorite song. I’ve listened to it about a dozen times in the past three hours.

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  1. Rock Star – I watched the 1st hour, then went to bed. I love Mark Wahlberg, but I wasn’t loving that movie. Sorry…

  2. How could they pre-empt BB3 for football? I would have been crazy! I didn’t really start liking Amy until I got the live feeds. I think she’s portrayed as really annoying on the show, she’s sweet on the feeds.

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