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My children crack me up. CootieGirl just requested a pet brontosaurus so that it could carry her to school every day. I think she’s mixing up “Clifford the Big Red Dog” and “Dinos!” into an amalgam of the perfect pet. *lol*

In other news, CootieBoy then joyfully exclaimed, “I burped in CG’s face TWO TIMES!” before collapsing into giggles. When they are cute – they are VERY cute. And gross.

Last night I killed two centipedes in two minutes. Thanks to Ginger the Cat for “hunting” them and thus alerting me to their presence. We got rain last night, and they tend to come in after it rains. But I’ve had enough, so I’m calling a pest service to come and spray the inside and outside of the house and garage next week while the kids are at VBS in the morning. I’m also going to rake and bag up ALL mulch from up against the house. I can’t take the bugs down here in SC – it’s the ONE thing I hate about living here. I need to have some free-roaming geckos move in (at least they EAT the bugs, whereas the cats just play with them).

I got an email from a freelance client I had in April – asking if I had time to do a one-off project for them. It’ll only take an afternoon, so I said yes, even though I’m working on this other freelance project. So much for taking June off from work! I’m DEFINITELY taking off the week in July that the kids are at Camp Marmie, though. That week I’ll hang at the pool working on my bitchin’ tan, take random naps, watch a LOT of movies and do projects that I can’t do when the kids are around.

I signed up the kids for the summer of free bowling (http://kidsbowlfree.com) – will use those free coupons for rainy day activities when I’m not working on something.

Watched “P.S. I Love You” last night (Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler). I thought it was pretty good. Don’t remember the reviews on it, but Gerard Butler is officially a fake boyfriend, and WOO HOO! to James “Spike on ‘Buffy'” Marsters and fabulous singer Nellie McKay (whom I adore) being in the movie, too!

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