Quick Pics

Gotta run. Jaynee is making Freedom toast, but I wanted to get these pics up. The animals are baby chipmunks, we think. There are at least four or five in a hole next to our deck. There’s a longer story than this. More later….

I’m back, eight hours later. Auntie Gladys, Jaynee and Ace went to see the X-Men sequel. I stayed home and baby sat. CG and I had a good time. It would have been better if she hadn’t spit up most of her lunch on me, but that’s the way it goes some times.

Gladys came back to visit with her new niece, and she loved her. Who wouldn’t? Here I am again, about to print out some more photos. This time for Jaynee’s scrap book and for frames to sit on my desk at work. Then it’s the Survivor finale tonight. Enjoy the new shots. Can you see how much bigger she’s gotten in two weeks? Yes, she’s wearing that yellow Carter’s jumper again. She keeps picking it out in the morning. Who are we to tell her different?

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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  1. Keep that cat away from the baby!

    šŸ˜† That’s actually a great picture…and still with the arms above the head. Do you think she did that in the womb? So precious.

  2. Stinky and CootieGirl split time in the basinet. When the baby isn’t in it, you can usually find Stinky laid out. I caught her in there last night. She was sleeping so peacefully. I only wish CootieGirl could enjoy the basinet as much. Don’t worry, the cats find her to be a curiousity and not much more. They all scatter whenever she starts wailing. I think they think she’s another dog sometimes and she’s out to get them. But they’ll learn she’s harmless.

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