Quick Delivery

Well, the Toshiba DVD player was delivered yesterday and it’s REALLY cute. It’s also very small, but since it’ll be used in the car 98% of the time it’ll be fine. I look forward to our road trip now instead of dreading 4-5 hours at a time in the car with two toddlers.

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  1. I envy you the modern conveniences available to today’s parents! Back when my kids were young’uns (way back in the prehistoric days), we didn’t have no stinkin’ mini DVD players! All we had were VCR’s!

  2. Melanie – when I was in eighth grade (and my sis in tenth) my family moved from California to Virginia. We drove cross-country and all we had was a radio and seatbelts that substituted as microphones. My poor mother had to listen to our caterwauling for a solid week. :sing: Kansas was a particularly painful state, I think, because there was NOTHING in the landscape to take her “outside” the car. :banghead: My father was in a different car and had only an AM RADIO to occupy his time during the long drive from west to east.

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