Questions For The Beau

So my sister has a beau. And after many talks this weekend Denis and I realized she knows none of the boring minutae about him. So I’m posting all of the questions I want her to get the answers for.

1. Favorite color?
2. Favorite number?
3. Favorite book of all time?
4. Favorite movie of all time?
5. Favorite city?
6. Favorite food (both genre and specific item)?
7. Favorite flavor ice cream?
8. Dream car?
9. Dream celebrity girlfriend?
10. Favorite smell?
11. Favorite sound?
12. Favorite childhood game?
13. Favorite childhood toy?
14. Favorite song?
15. Favorite musical band?
16. Favorite candy?
17. Favorite drink?
18. Favorite song?
19. Favorite sport?
20. Favorite animal?
21. Did you have pets as a child?
22. Who is your best friend (human – this is not a spiritual question)?
23. Favorite holiday?
24. Hobbies?
25. Favorite card game?
26. Favorite season?
27. Favorite day of the week?
28. Favorite time of day?
29. Favorite quote?
30. Favorite month?

We’ll start with those. Get back to me when you have the answers. Or, Beau can reply himself if he wants.

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  1. And I don’t know all the answers for my husband either – but I figure it’s a good way to know more about my sister’s boyfriend than the fact that he has no tv, doesn’t read fiction, rarely goes to the movies and is a poli sci professor. Answering these questions will give me insight as to what he’s like…

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  3. Good grief! 😆

    I posted the link as well – he may not realize you were serious about the questions.

    #21 – yes, many including a turtle
    #22 – um, me!
    #24 – shooting (yes, he’s a gun-toter)

    I’ll let him answer the rest.

  4. 1. Favorite color: It was blue until I saw Jen’s eyes.
    2. Favorite number: Two; the number of witness, and Jen & Me.
    3. Favorite book of all time: Fiction? Hmmm. Tale of Two Cities? The Red and the Black? King Lear? The Plague Journal? The Idiot? Hard to say, but those were good and so were some westerns I read in jr. high.
    4. Favorite movie of all time: “all time”? 70years? Lifeboat? Foreign Agent? Cool Hand Luke? Henry V? Apocalypse Now? Die Hard? Blackhawk Down? Pirates of the Carribean? Incredibles? Gee, what else have I seen? Well, those were okay.
    5. Favorite city: I don’t prefer cities but Berlin in summer, Zaragoza for bullfights and D.C. for cherry blossoms were okay.
    6. Favorite food (both genre and specific item): chocolate, dark
    7. Favorite flavor ice cream: Pre intolerance: French Vanilla
    8. Dream car: Hummer, I don’t think I could total one of those
    9. Dream celebrity girlfriend: Who wants one of those?
    10. Favorite smell: Chocolate
    11. Favorite sound: birds in the Spring; thunder; laughter,
    12. Favorite childhood game: go fish, and then Pit, which is still a favorite
    13. Favorite childhood toy: tricycle, bicycle, and unicycle
    14. Favorite song: Don’t have one
    15. Favorite musical band: Definitely don’t have one
    16. Favorite candy: chocolate
    17. Favorite drink: Tea
    18. Favorite song: still don’t have one
    19. Favorite sport: To watch? Football
    20. Favorite animal: skunk, they know how to get people to mind their own business
    21. Did you have pets as a child: Yes, the first was a turtle
    22. Who is your best friend (human – this is not a spiritual question): Jen
    23. Favorite holiday: Christmas
    24. Hobbies: Shooting
    25. Favorite card game: Gin
    26. Favorite season: Hmmm. The Shenandoah is nice all year long.
    27. Favorite day of the week? Any day I’m with Jen
    28. Favorite time of day? See 27.
    29. Favorite quote: Tis man’s to fight but heaven’s to give success.
    30. Favorite month: January, yeah, that’s when I started emailing Jen.

  5. Those questions make me seem easy. Maybe I should ask the Beau the same questions I asked Jen.

    1. Beau, do you have all your teeth?
    2. Have you met the Hootman? (Inside joke.)
    3. Do you really want to marry into this family?
    4. How many kids do you want?
    5. What color are your eyes? (Jen, answer that one.)
    Oh, I have more…

  6. *lol* Denis – I thought we already established that Beau has all his teeth and that YOU shouldn’t be asking that question.

    Beau – thanks for responding. Interesting answers. You must be a good man if you list dark chocolate as one of your favorites. *drool icon*.

    I really have to get some smilies in this joint.

  7. Good anwers, sweetie! Hootman is one of Denis’ friends, just so you know.

    I love his answer to #20. Heh.

    His eyes are brown.

  8. Favorite color: It was blue until I saw Jen’s eyes. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
    I never knew my brother was such a romantic!!

    Jen, who is this guy and what have you done with my brother????!!! We couldn’t get that silly smile off his face all day Sunday……

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