Putting On My Best Shirt

A number of years ago I bought a shirt from Coldwater Creek – it was simple black/white patterned shirt, nothing special. I probably got it on clearance. The main thing it had going for it was that it was one of their “no iron” shirts (which I am ALL ABOUT).

The very first time I wore the shirt, people kept asking me all.day.long. if I was interviewing. I was not.
The second time I wore it, someone asked if I had lost weight. I had not.
The third time I wore it, I received several compliments on my appearance the entire day.

Weird. It got to the point where I hung the shirt in my closet and never wore it because I would get all these strange positive comments.

And it was ONLY that shirt. I could wear my pink shirt (pink being the most flattering color I could ever possibly wear) and not hear a thing from people about how good I looked.

coldwater creek shirtThis morning I took the black/white shirt out of my closet and wore it to work. It has easily been over a year since I wore it last.

I walked into a meeting this morning and the first thing the person said was, “Wow – you look really great today!”


Then I went to another meeting and someone said, “You look all spiffy today – what’s the occasion?”


I’m convinced the shirt has a super-power of some kind, imbued by the folks at Coldwater Creek to make ANYONE look amazing in it. Even if they don’t FEEL like they look amazing in it.

I just went to the Coldwater Creek website to see if I could link to the shirt so that you, too, could harness its powers, but it looks like that shirt is no longer for sale (no surprise, since I bought mine a couple years ago). But they have one that is very similar.

Good luck.

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