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So Denis and I have decided to co-write a screenplay for the next Project Greenlight endeavor. He realized that he won’t do it alone, and I realized I won’t do it alone, we decided we’d do it together. Huzzah for togetherness! So far so good – Denis came up with a general plotline which I loved, and this morning we spent our commute in to work discussing possible ideas for the opening scene and story establishment. We didn’t argue once – are you surprised? I was – I tend to want things done only my way. But I think it’s going to be fun – a nice give and take as we flesh out the story and come up with scenes and dialogue that will make up the snappy screenplay that my Fake Boyfriend Matt Damon will want to awards prizes. WOO HOO!!! The prize is only $35,000 for the writers, but as long as I get to meet FB Matt Damon, I don’t care if we win. Er – I mean, I WANNA WIN!

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  1. you guys crack me up. only $35,000 awarded? writers always get the shaft, ya know? but meeting matt… ahhh… priceless. 😉

    good luck cooties.

  2. Meegan, when you consider that last year’s prize was larger (I think it was $75K) and that the writer got to direct as well, it seems a ripoff that the writer gets $35K this year and the director (which is a new part of the contest) gets $50K.

  3. Slight misunderstanding. $35,000 is a lot of money (even to us), but the director who wins the contest receives $50,000. What’s up with that? Without a script, you can’t direct anything. I watched Pete Jones last year. A 12 year old could direct, but only a handful can give the director a good script to work with. Oh, well. That’s Hollywood. As long as I get to meet Ben Affleck.

  4. I watched the reruns of Project Greenlight on HBO the past several weeks. That was an interesting thing to see. Go for it and good luck!

    I would prefer to meet FB Ben Affleck over Matt Damon, personally.

  5. i agree $35,000 is a tidy sum 😉 but like you said denis, compared to the salary of the producers and directors the $35,000 hardly recognizes the blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating something that will come alive on screen.

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