Okay, so aside from getting rubbed on by some freak at OTB (don’t ask) and then having a REALLY rude lady as my cashier at OTB, I managed to get my bets placed.

Not as many as I’d like though, since they don’t do $1 bets. Razzle frazzle frickety frack. And Mary wanted to put $10 on my bets, so here’s what I ended up doing:

$2 bets:

Mary and I share the above bets. $2 Exactas. If any of those bets wins, we split the money 50/50.

Then (again because of the really rude cashier), I did two $3 Exacta bets for myself.


If the race had 22 horses I would have bet 2-22 and 22-2, but couldn’t so I went with 12 instead. And yes, I realize that I already have a 2-12 bet with Mary. That’s what I mean – between being rubbed on by an old man (not once but three times) and then dealing with the rude cashier, I accidently placed a duplicate bet.

So I’m REALLY hoping that 2-12 comes in. And looking at the Preakness site, that means I want High Fly to Win and Afleet Alex to Place. That’s actually a pretty good bet!

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  1. Man, I have no idea what any of that meant. Just wanted to say thank you so much for having me and I’m sorry I missed you when it was time to leave. I had an incredible time with you and the rest of the C-hogs!

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