Pre-Ordered, Baby

There aren’t too many things that I get really jazzed about when it comes to home furnishings. However, when Homer Laughlin announces a new color of Fiestaware coming out, my heart goes all aflutter. Especially when it’s a gorgeous new color like “Peacock” – the blue dishes in the picture. Isn’t it lovely? It closely mirrors the blue from the vintage Fiesta that I have and is a wonder new bright color in the dinnerware line.

I also read that they are discontinuing Rose and Seamist, so when I called to pre-order my 5-piece Peacock place setting I went ahead and ordered a couple Rose and Seamist items that I didn’t currently have.

If I won the lottery, my Fiesta collection would mushroom overnight. I love these dishes and wish I could afford to be a real collector.

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