Praying for Fluid Pudding!

Right about now Mrs. Pudding is at the hospital, laying on a gurney about to enter a surgical room to have a c-section to welcome her precious new daughter, Harper, to the world. :w00t: I’m sure Mr. Pudding is on pins and needles, as is almost-big-sister Pudding Pop.

I wish them the best and am praying for them all over the next few hours as Angie has the surgery and that Harper enters the world with a holler and a sleepy snuggle.

God Bless! :pray:

c’mon – you knew I’d use one of the new smilies.

Update: Okay, so I know I just posted this, but as soon as I was done posting I went into my email and saw this from Mr. Pudding:

Harper is here! She made her debut at 9:25, weighing in at 7 lbs, 15 oz. and
stretching out to 20 inches. Looks a lot like her sis. More color commentary to come.

So it looks like my prayers were a little late, but were heartfelt nonetheless!

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