Potato Peels and Waterfalls

Last night our kitchen got flooded. For the past two nights we’ve been attempting to get rid of a clog somewhere in the pipes near our kitchen sink. Little did we know that all that water we were running down the sink had nowhere to go but into the dishwasher. So last night as we tried for a second time to clear out the sink clog, the dishwasher overflowed with all the old water. Good times.

We’re calling a plumber to come in and fix it, although methinks it’s a job that Denis could do on his own. But he’d rather pay to have a professional, and I don’t blame him, I guess. Better to have it done right by the plumber than “maybe right” by us.

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  1. Well, you never really explained your title, although I completely get it since it’s the same problem Mom has had with her disposer.

    You can grind potato peels, you just need to make sure to grind with plenty of water running and to let the water continue running after you turn the disposer off.

    Or you can do like Mom, and just throw them in the trash. She won’t grind onion stuff either…anything slimy like that.

    Good luck!

  2. Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that Denis made stew the other night and put all the potato and carrot peels down the garbage disposal.

  3. That’s funny that Jane thinks I can fix it without a plumber, but she doesn’t think she can. This smells of laziness. I honestly don’t want to tackle the job thinking I can’t fix it. I hate spending money on services like plumbing. I’m not a good handyman. What can I say?

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