Today will either be a day of much blogging, or very little. Every summer my company does a mass member’s meeting followed by the summer outing. All of the head honchos from our four nationwide offices huddle together in a conference room at the NYC office for an entire day, while they send out the Flunkies to get some training. Meanwhile, the NYC admins are left sitting at their desk picking their noses trying not to feel resentful at the fact that the out-of-town admins are allowed to spend the day shopping at Macy’s and Sax Fifth. Around 4:30 p.m. the office goes into a flutter as the Flunkies return from their training sessions, and the women get gussied up. Around 5:30 p.m. a bunch of hired cars take all of the employees over to the piers where they board a boat for a few hours of food, drink and forced fun.

For this year’s forced fun the head honchos debated which kind of fun to have. My fun boss (who is on the Board) suggested Lazer Tag. When that was quickly shot down (possibly by the one Board member who knew he’d be the ONLY target of the Flunkies because he’s a jerk), bowling was suggested. If there’s one thing my company can get on board about, it’s bowling. Every few months the idea of a bowling night is tossed around, and every few months it just never quite happens. But we certainly TALK about it a lot. In the end it was decided that we’d do the same thing we do every year: a boat ride around NYC with food and music. THIS year, however, they’ve added GAMBLING – they will have blackjack, craps and poker available to play – not for money, but goofy prizes.

Alas, I’m not attending (I usually don’t). This year, because of the gambling, I probably would have gone. But HELLO – 8 month pregnant woman MID-SUMMER on a BOAT? I don’t think so.

The other difference about today is that there is actually going to be an admin meeting. Which means the out-of-town admins have to be here by 2 p.m. and sit in a dingy conference room for a couple hours. And who is leading that meeting? Moi! Mare-Bear volunteered me to lead, and the Head Honcho in charge of coordinating the admin meeting agreed! To my amazement, it’s not going to be one of those “get in on time, don’t leave early, eat your breakfast on your own time, stop wearing flipflops, answer your phone promptly” meetings (which is usually what an admin meeting is all about). Nope, this time around there are actual ISSUES we’ll be discussed.

So as I said, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to post – depends on how interesting/boring my day is.

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  1. OK – We just finished our meeting and I have to write in and tell you all that Jaynee TOTALLY ROCKED as host of the meeting. She got EVERYONE to open up and speak honestly about their work, duties, wants, needs, likes and dislikes within our working environment.

    Well done J – Amazing – All I have to say is, DILBERT, EAT YOUR HEART OUT !!!!!

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