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It’s a posting frenzy around the blogosphere right now – so I thought I’d add my bit to the mix.

I got my bonus today from my company. I’m quite pleased with the final number, which is a bit higher than last year. A nice surprise. So we’ll be able to put some into CootieGirl’s savings account, lower my debt, and dump some into our own savings account as well. We also now officially have ALL the money we’ll need to buy a piano in the Spring (our rental agreement goes until the end of April). And lastly, I will actually have some left over to have a fun time shopping online for various goodies after the holidays are all over.

Last night we had a giftswap with Ace and Anthony for the holidays. I got an awesome Finding Nemo snowglobe (I collect snowglobes). Denis received an adaptor to help him convert all his albums into MP3s. CootieGirl got a FABULOUS blanket from Anthony (he makes them), and Ace gave her a really cute wagon that lights up and plays music and has blocks to play with – very interactive.

Then we played this AWFUL card game called “The Totally Insane Card Game” – it was just bad. It’s like some pot-smoking college kid was playing Uno and started making up his own stupid rules, and somehow managed to fool a game company into marketing and selling his idea. And I’m not the only one that feels that way.

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  1. Rachel – I’ll take a picture of the blanket and post it tonight. As for the piano, part of our rental fee is applied toward the purchase, and for the past two years I’ve been putting money into a savings account specifically for the day we’re ready to buy. I’m happy that we’ll FINALLY be able to get a GOOD piano and actually OWN it.

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