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How about that? We’re at Post #1200 right here. Not exactly prolific considering how long we’ve been here at Cootiehog, but decent enough.

Last night the Cooties popped over to Ace and Anthony’s abode for shish kabobs. I completely flaked and so we didn’t take any toys for CootieGirl to keep her occupied, but it ended up being okay because we made our own entertainment – she’s such an easy-going kid. Dinner was delish and it was a fun night out.

It snowed just a bit yesterday and CootieGirl was fascinated. I told Denis I couldn’t wait for a big 12″ snowfall to hit – she won’t know what to do with herself and all that snow!

I managed to watch “Lost” last night – it was an okay episode. Kind of lacking considering it’s coming off a holiday hiatus. I need to look and see when the next David Fury episode is – I know that’ll be a quality episode. I didn’t get to see “Alias” because by the time I was done with “Lost” it was 11:06 p.m. and officially past my bedtime. Tonight I have band rehearsal so I probably won’t get to watch “Alias” until tomorrow night.

Update: David Fury’s next episode of “Lost” is January 19th, an episode called ‘Special’. Wheeeee!!!!!

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  1. Lost – I loved the scene with the older lady and Meriadoc/Charlie where she prayed with him. Very cool.

    Alias – Oh, yeah! You’re going to love, love, love. They’re back, baby!

  2. hmm…i liked last night’s episode of lost.

    alias was also good, but it had a different feeling about it. can’t really pinpoint what it was. but i liked it anyways.

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