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I’ve emailed the appropriate department in our county for further clarification, but last week Denis and I received a letter from the county stating that they are conducting a study to analyze the water/sewer system in our town. Our land falls within the acreage of land they are studying to determine how to better connect parts of our town to the sewer system and treatment plants. Why does this excite me?

Well, right now our land has no sewer access – so any house we build is restricted to a septic system, which in turn limits the number of bedroom we’re allowed to have (that number currently being 3). If this study goes well and they are able to come up with a workable solution in and around the area by our land, when when we go to build in 4-5 years we just might be able to build a house with no limits (read: a five bedroom house) on a sewer system. THAT, my friends, is very exciting. Up to now, all the plans we’ve been working on have been working under the presumption that eventually we’d be on a sewer system, but we always had contingent plans for calling a room an “office” or “playroom” but using it as a bedroom anyway. But if we don’t have to go with septic, we can just called the bedroom a bedroom!!

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  1. I want to be all rose petals and snow cones in my comments from now on. I’ll be the good soldier. Think of me as Nero and all the political nonsense Rome. Play, Don.

  2. I think you meant this comment for the other thread.

    And, as you know from church this past week, Nero was no “good soldier” and despite forming a decent roadway system, he was a bit of a bast~.

  3. Yes, Nero is probably a bad choice there.

    Maybe I should have said something like “I’ll be over here moving these deck chairs around on this here ol’ Titanic if you need me.”

    But that is something the old “anti-Bush” self would have said. I’m all kittens and marigolds now. You won’t hear that talk from me anymore. I’ve lobotimized the part of my brain that forms opinions. Anyone want to play Go Fish?

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