Popcorn…Get Your Popcorn Here!

Today Denis left on a business trip to Boston. The date of travel was not lost on us, and I think we were both a bit nervous about the fact that today, of all days, was the day for him to fly. We also assumed that security would be heightened today, so it might be a good day to fly in the end.

After he left for the airport, I took the kids out so that CootieBoy could sell Cub Scout popcorn. We hit about 30 houses before he declared he was done for the day. In all he had 12 sales and at least one house asked for him to come back because she knew her husband wanted some. So we’ll go back tomorrow to see what he’ll buy. We’ll go out again to another 15-20 houses on Tuesday night after work, and then we’ll concentrate on online sales and sales at work until the next weekend, when we’ll go out again to hit some other streets in the neighborhood.

Tomorrow night is CootieGirl’s first day of soccer practice. I’m sure it’ll be a trainwreck, but I know she’ll have fun, which is what matters most. Right now, as I type, she’s in the living room, headphones on, “singing” at the top of her lungs and practicing dance moves. Practicing for what, you might ask? Nothing. She just likes to practice dance moves. You know, just in case she’s challenged to a dance off by Justin Timberlake or Brittany Spears. Because she goes to clubs, like, all the time, y’all.

And that’s about it for now, folks. Denis is gone until Wednesday, and so during that time I’ll attempted to feed and clothe the children so people don’t think we live like animals. Wish me luck!

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