Poor Villanova

So last night I was up watching the UNC/Villanova game – boy that last 2 minutes (which was more like 30 minutes real time) was gut-wrenching. I really thought Villanova was going to win when they went on a seven point run and brought the game to a one-possession spread. In my opinion, when they kept getting fouls they should have concentrated on making the shots, not missing the second in an effort to score. I think Foye “threw away” two points by doing that (especially since UNC managed to get the ball both times anyway). If he had actually tried to make them, Villanova would have won by one point.

Instead they lost by one point. It would have been fun to see UNC lose, if only to have yet another #1 seed get taken down.

Well, let’s pray that Arizona defeats Illinois tonight – I need Arizona to make it to the final game if I am to beat my co-worker Heather in the office pool I’m running. She and I have Kentucky for our final picks but she has Illinois and I have Arizona in the final game. I’m currently six points behind her so even if Arizona DOES beat Illinois, is Arizona doesn’t beat the winner of WVA/Louisville then I’m STILL one point behind her even if Kentucky wins the whole thing!

Go Arizona!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you had Arizona. Illinois was by far the better team.

    By the way, I got here via the CNN article that was just aired around 8 minutes ago.

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